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3rd KL Leader's Retreat in Pulau Ketam

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

10-11th December 2022

It has been 2 years since 3rd KL's officers and NCOs went for a physical retreat, thanks to COVID-19. After two years of virtual retreats, the Company's leaders were finally able to head out for an outing together.

2022's selected venue is Pulau Ketam (or Crab Island in English), a seaside village located off the hustle and bustle of Port Klang. The leaders first gathered at YMCA Kuala Lumpur before heading off by KTM. The Port Klang KTM station is the last stop of the line, but it took an unexpected 1 hour 30 minute ride. Pulau Ketam's ferry terminal is conveniently located in front of the station. The party boarded a ferry almost immediately and set off for the island. It was an interesting mix of nature and development - mangrove swamps and high-tech container ports.

The island itself was bustling with day-tripper tourists who were there for the island's relatively cheap and yummy seafood, yet, we pretty much had the ferry all to ourselves. It was low tide when we arrived, exposing the mudflats near the island's jetty. Hundreds of fiddler crabs were visible - perhaps how the crab island derived its name.

Unlike 3rd KL's traditional retreats which were full of meetings and planning, this year's one was more a relaxing getaway. A treat after a "traumatic" 2-3 years of "virtual abuse". The main agenda were only two meetings, 4 meals, and lots of leisure time in between. After lunch and check-in at one of the homestays, we had a session on thinking of new activities for the Company led by Mr. Ng Jiehan. He focused more on getting us to think out of the box as well as to encourage the NCOs to start taking lead in programme planning by splitting us into groups where the NCOs are the ones leading discussions, not the officers.

After the session, we all had 2-3 hours of free time. Some of the Boys rented electric scooters and bicycles while some of us went fishing - with some trying it for the first time (yes, both riding a bicycle and fishing). As the island was famous for its cheap seafood, dinner was the main highlight. We had a lavish 6-course meal (not enough money to go the full 8-course) for dinner with butter crab, bamboo claims, oyster omelet just to and curry fish just to name the main dishes!

After a rather delayed dinner, partly thanks to the rainy weather, we had a time of sinspiration followed by a session on the importance of having drams and visions in the BB (and beyond) as a necessary part of building passion.

As there was no illusion anyone was going to follow the 11pm lights out as scheduled - everyone was allowed to go to bed at their own discretion as long as they can rise on time the following morning. Most spend the night chatting, some learned mah jong, watched YouTube videos, and some even returned to the jetty to fish.

The next morning began with a search for breakfast and the discovery that the people on the island had bak kut teh, chicken rice, and even seafood for breakfast (and a later discovery that they don't eat the first two for lunch)! After a more familiar wantan mee meal, we had the last session led by Ms. Amy Ko who talked about why we serve in the BB, which is an act of service to God.

Timing was a little off from lunch onward as we didn't find suitable restaurants open and the ferry schedule also posed some complicaitons. In the end, we left Pulau Ketam at 1.40pm, arriving back in Port Klang at close to 3pm. After a much delayed lunch, the event officially ended at the terminal before the leaders caught the KTM back to KL.

It was one of the more relaxing retreats 3rd KL Leaders had the opportunity of joining. More importantly, we leave refreshed in our purpose in the BB and service to God and young people!

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