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GOH 2019

The BB Method

Religion and Discipline

As a organisation for young people, we have members from as young as 7 years old until university students at a maximum age of 21 (however, we have a cut off age limit at 16 for newly enrolled members).

The BB programme offers a mix of work and play designed to provide a challenging environment for our members to prepared for the working world while at the same time providing them to unwind and bond - having fun is important!

BB's 4 Core

Educational, Social, Physical, Spiritual

BB's programme operate on a balance of the above 4 core elements.

We offer educational activities such as first aid, communication, camping life skills, and many forms of badgework. Physical programmes such as sports and footdrill are also emphasised to push physical endurance. Social - during the course of these activities aspects of teamwork, bonding, and friendship takes place. Spiritual - Christian values guide our programmes which are done wholesomely.

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