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Be a Volunteer!

The Boys' Brigade relies on volunteers to make up its corps of officers and instructors who guide, teach, and mentor young people each BB parade. They don't draw a salary from the ministry and make no financial gains being there.  They are people who want to serve and contribute meaningfully to the community. Do you want to be part of something meaningful? Join us today!


You do not need any experience in the BB to be a volunteer!

Our officers and instructors come from all backgrounds - business owners, teachers, administrators, bankers, lawyers, housewives, university students, and more!

What needs doing?

All sorts. Everything!

To give you an idea, here are some of the task carried out:

  • Badge class - preparing lessons plans and teaching materials

  • Planner/Project manager

  • Logistics/quarter master

  • Sports instructor

  • Games leading/Team building

  • Musician/Singspiration/Worship leading

  • Band instructor/teach playing of instruments in brass band

  • Mentor/Counseling

  • Christian Education instructor

  • Hospitality

  • PR/Comms

  • Driver

  • And so much more!

Volunteer today!

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