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Senior Section

Age 12-18

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The Section Section is catered to BB members of the secondary school age. The programme is designed to turn our members from Boys to Men.
The BB philosophy of discipline training and leadership is heavily emphasised to prepare our Boys for the challenges of tomorrow.
A wide variety of programmes

From sports, camping, band, computer knowledge, fire &safety, first aid, water adventure, and more - the Section Section programme has a mix of activities to keep the teenage mind engaged and challenged.

Senior Section Proficiency Badges.png

Over 40 Badges

  • Arts

  • Athletics

  • Craft

  • Christian Education

  • Hobbies

  • Bandsman

  • Drummer

  • Computer Knowledge

  • International Relations

  • Nature Awareness

  • Camping

  • Physical Training

  • Expedition

  • Water Adventure

  • Citizenship

  • Community Service

  • Environmental Conservation

  • First Aid

  • Fire & Rescue

  • Life Saving

  • Safety

  • Sports

  • Swimming

  • And more!


Find out more!

If you are a parent and want to know more about the Section Section programme,  please provide us your email and we'll contact you.

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